Thursday, October 6, 2011

ode to ignatia

Ignatia amara is the name of a homeopathic remedy often given to those that grieve. I wrote this piece a while back as a student… My apologies to those that have read this before.

Oh healer of closet weeping,
bulging doors
holding at bay suppressed avalanches
issuing forth
at inopportune moments
burying recipients in old sorrows.

Shaking trees of endless anguish,
rooted deep in the dry, crystallized earth
shattering time forever.

Oh Sire of desired loneliness,
choking back pain
pretending ease of speech
while bearing apple-sized lumps in throat.

Cloaker of sadness heavy and long,
Oh that You should be needless
disappointment ailing none
mere figment in the minds of men.

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